Shah Rukh Khan visits parents’ grave in New Delhi, pays respects

  • Pictures of Shah Rukh Khan at his parents’ grave site in New Delhi showed the actor paying his respects. Shah Rukh’s parents died when he was very young.

UPDATED ON MAR 07, 2021 10:33 AM IST

Actor Shah Rukh Khan paid his respects at the graves of his parents in New Delhi. Pictures shared online showed the actor saying a prayer at the grave site, on a recent trip to New Delhi.

“When #shahrukhkhan is in Delhi he never misses to pay respects to his late parents,” a paparazzi account captioned the post on Instagram. The pictures showed Shah Rukh, wearing a white shirt and black pants, with his head covered.

Shah Rukh has often spoken about losing both his parents at a young age. Shah Rukh’s father, Taj Mohammed Khan, came to India from Peshawar. He died of cancer when the actor was just 15 years old. Shah Rukh’s mother Lateef Fatima Khan also succumbed to a prolonged illness in 1990.

“I was 15 when my father passed away and 26 when my mother passed away. It was very sad for us. The empty house without my parents used to come to bite us (Shah Rukh and his sister Shehnaz Lalarukh Khan). The loneliness, pain and sadness of the loss of both my parents, could have been overwhelming enough to take over my life wholly,” he had told Rani Mukerji at a promotional event.

He added, “My parents went away suddenly. We got to know they had cancer and within two and a half months, they were gone. I didn’t know what to do. I just felt one night, while at their mazaar that I should fill this void with something. I got a fortunate break in films. For me, acting is not work but a place to vent out my feelings.”

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In an appearance on David Letterman’s talk show, Shah Rukh said that the one thing he holds against his parents is that he didn’t get enough time with them. Now, as a father himself, he said wants to be there for his kids as much as possible. “So that’s one thing I decided. That I am going to make sure that I live very long, and I make sure that I keep on living with my kids and never let them feel they don’t have a parent. So any given moment I spend with them, I study with them, I sleep with them, I chat with them, I sort out all their problems, and I hate it when they have boyfriend girlfriend problems.”

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